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This is the first step in our web design/development service. Here we focus on collecting the necessary data for your website. We don’t just create your website, we carry out some important analysis first. This is where all this analysis is done. Here we ask questions like: What is the purpose of this website? Who is the target audience? What competition does this brand have and what can we do to make this website top that of the brand’s competitors? What are the brand’s goals and how do we reflect them on the website? With these questions answered, we get a better grasp of exactly what sort of website you brand would need. Once all this is settled, we then move to the next step.


With the needed analytics covered, we then move to the drawing board to start planning and designing the website. This is where we create the sitemap for the website and determine the type of structure and formats to be used. We choose the right template that would suit your brand perfectly, and sometimes even design a completely new one if the need arises.

We go into this stage of your web design/development with all the information gained from the previous web analytics in mind, making sure that the design is perfectly suited for you.

Here is also where we put the artistic touches to the websites. At Get Found Digitally, we believe that beauty is just as important as functionality, hence, we design our websites to be just as beautiful as they are functional.


If there is one thing about us at Get Found Digitally, it is that we don’t do things halfway. We do not only provide web design/development service, but also render content writing services to complement it. That means we are not only equipped to design quality websites for you, but also to provide content that just as good.

With our web design/development service, there is no need to worry about having a fantastic website with weak content.

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This is where we put everything together and the real website is created. Here we do all the necessary scripting and server work. We also carry out all the security details and other important technical activities, working on your database and the all-round functionality of the website.

This step is where the real creation of the website starts, but this is not where we stop. As stated earlier, we at Get Found Digitally are not into doing things halfway.


While others may pay little attention to this part or even skip it altogether, we at Get Found Digitally pay serious attention to it. Being the perfectionist we are, errors are one thing we do not take lightly.

After completing the web development stage of our web design/development service, we go ahead to thoroughly test the website. We make sure to check and then double check the codes and scripts, run interference with major browsers, and even check the site’s functionality on various devices, just to make sure all is functioning as should be. And this is not simply a routine either. If there is an error, we find it and fix it.


“Finally, the site is ready for public use.”

“We have designed it, tested it, and deemed it fit for launching.”

”Congratulations we have just launched your website!”

To most people, that might be the end of the whole thing. We at Get Found Digitally are not most people.

After successfully creating and launching your website, we don’t simply stop there. We have a host of post-launching services we render to our users. From maintaining your website to promoting, search engine optimization, to web analytics. We do it all and we do it well.

We bring you a complete package of web design/development at Get Found Digitally. You’d find a better job nowhere else.