Google AdWords

Also referred to as Google Ads, Google AdWords is Google’s official advertising system. This system is a brilliant way of pulling attention to new brands since it offers quick publicity and also gives the brand immediate top ranking (which would have taken a lot more time to gain otherwise).That is not to say this system is only suited for new websites or brands, though. Google Ads is also perfect for promoting already existing websites by making sure to put them at least one step ahead of the competition and always in the eyes of the potential clients. It is a wonderful advertising platform that is fast and effective when used properly.

Using Google AdWords properly requires skill, however, and unskilled use of this very effective platform could cost you a substantial amount of money with little to no returns. On the other hand, though, proper use of this platform can do real magic to your business and give you all the push you need to finally be above the competition.


Basically, Google Ads take two basic forms, both of which, though functionally different are fundamentally similar. Regardless of which form of Google Ads is used, however, the goal is to get potential clients to click the link and get redirected to your website.

  • They are a faster way to improve your ranking on google.
  • They take promoting your brand to another level.
  • They have a longer reach.
  • Pay-per-click (PPC).
  • Pay-per-impression (PPM).


paid ads


This is the type of Google Ads you find while making searches on google. Ads like this are usually found on the top of Google’s Search Engine Report Page (SERP) and are usually identifiable by the little “Ad” label appearing before the URL of the website.

display ads


These ads work differently. While the paid search only comes up on Google’s search engine and needs to be associated with keywords to function properly, display ads do not work this way.

How Does Google Adwords Work?


Location Targeting

Focus Ads and budget on geographic locations that fit your merchandise or services.


Keyword Planing

we go through Broader market research and keyword planning


Attractive AD Copy

Attracting the right customer at the right time so to ensure the best return on your ad spends.


Device Targeting

Allocate your budget and manage your business message based on the device that is being used to search.


Identify negative keywords

Exclude terms and search intent which will not end in a procurement or lead. Our extensive market research will stop wasted ad budget spend before it happens.


Measurable Return

Ongoing feedback and news that provides valuable business data in a very clear and precise manner. Visible data on your return on ad spend.

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