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Web hosting is a type of internet hosting service of storing data that keeps websites up and available for viewing online. Every single website that you have ever visited is hosted on a server. If you want to transfer your data in higher quantities and faster, then you must pay more. If your company has a burdensome website, then you need to seek for a more advanced web host.

Shared web hosting is where multiple websites reside on one web server connected to the internet. It is the most economical option for hosting where overall server maintenance cost is spread over many customers. When compared to web hosting service, the performance of shared web hosting is lower for more burdensome websites.

A domain name is the identification string where every single website has a domain name. Every domain name points to an IP address which is used to identify the location of a particular web page. It is a series of 10 digit numbers. If you want to purchase it, you need to go through a domain registrar.

Bandwidth is the amount of data transmitted over an internet connection while viewing a website. Generally, video files, audio files and images are higher in bandwidth than text. This means if you have a burdensome website, you need to stream lots of videos or audio. So you need a higher bandwidth requirement.

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), is a protocol that is used to communicate information securely online. It’s a tool used by web browsers to connect securely to a web server. For a secure transaction, it authenticates, encrypts and decrypts data that is sent over the internet. It is mostly used to secure credit card transactions, data transfers and logins. It is also used to secure social media sites.

Probably, your site is not protected from hackers without adding in some level of protection. Some web hosts provide SiteLock Security; it is an added protection that works hard to block hackers and spammers. If you are using WordPress, install plugins for boosting security, inherently your site will be more secure.

Disk space is the total space that you can store the data on the web server. Any type of file – HTML, images or videos should not exceed the disk space. The amount of disk space you need depends on the size of your website and interactions you will be hosting through your site.

PHP is the world’s most popular general-purpose scripting language that is suited to web development. It’s a server-side scripting language embedded in HTML. It is used to manage databases, session tracking, and dynamic content and even building entire e-commerce sites. A recent version of PHP supports the latest and greatest web software applications.

You should regularly back up my site. There is a backup function in the control panel, if you are under 500 MB you can save all of your files with one click. If your data is more than 500 MB then you need to partition your data to save it.

FTP refers to a File Transfer Protocol which is a standard network protocol used for the transfer of files between a client and server on a computer network. Between the client and the server, it uses separate control and data connections. You can securely upload or download files from a website’s server.