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For posting in social media the best time depends on several factors. Your choice of industry and the platform matters. The activity of your audience plays the biggest role.  It is important to look at your post-performance so that you will get valuable data about the perfect post timing for your business. You can even use some guides on the best time to post as a starting point before you find what works best for your business and the industry.

The answer to this question depends on your audience because they are the main when it comes to social media. Make sure you definitely publish at least one post every day. You can even see if posting more often can make any difference in your performance. You have to find a posting frequency that works for you. You can create a calendar for publishing and follow it consistently.

In Instagram, you will not have the option to see who has saved your posts.  You can find out how many times a post has been saved with the Instagram business profiles. Under the post insights, you can find all the information, but this only shows you the number of saves and not the details of people who have saved it to their collection.

As per the research, most of the videos on Facebook are watched without sound. So adding captions to your videos is definitely worth your time. Doing this enables the people to follow along and watch your content anywhere at any time. Closed captioning can give your audience the ability to enjoy your content and this grabs and holds your audience’s attention.

There are certain things that you have to know when you need to begin marketing on social media. The three things are very important to set when you begin marketing on social media that is the goal, a targeted audience and a strategy. Find out what you have to achieve through social media marketing. Know about what types of people you want to attract. Then you can create a social media strategy to streamline and organise your approach.

Post something that attracts your audience. You can post the interactive contents and some strong positive content. Moreover, this also depends on your industry and what appeals to your target audience. Nowadays visuals take the cake on social media so first try out some of the social media post ideas and see which ones perform the best. With this, you can find what type of content your audience likes.

It is important to plan a lot of things and strategize if you want to grow your social media followers. A lot of planning and strategizing and also posting the right content and targeting the right audience play a major role. Make sure you attract and interact with your customers. By doing all these you can get more followers on social media.

In 2019, the average social media user spent around 2 hours and 15 minutes per day on social media. Ss per the research this average will increase by 8.8% in 2020. This is because of social distancing ns people spending more time indoors during the pandemic.  So it is expected that social media users will spend around 2 hours and 22 minutes on average using social media platforms every day.

As video becomes the norm, YouTube is increasing in popularity. Yes, people do really use YouTube because this is a large platform and is one of the best ways to communicate to a wide audience. The business should not ignore it as many people are using it. This is another platform that is capable of catching a wide range of audience with a user age range of 18-50.

When it comes to the social media marketing budget, it is difficult to put an exact number. There are some limitations on certain platforms. More you spend, you will get more results but it will take a little time. It is recommended to start with a low budget and testing ads to see what works best for your brand.