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PPC marketing is one of the digital marketing strategies where the advertisers have to pay the charges based on the number of clicks of the users over the ad. It is like buying the visitors instead of attempting to earn the visits organically. It is one of the cost-effective marketing where the businessman pays only for the clicks.

The text ads can appear at the top and bottom of the search results pages on the desktop and the mobiles. Based on the product and category, up to 4 links are possible to appear at the top of the result pages. If needed, you can have it in the social media pages as well.

When a person is viewing the ad from the search engine when they type a query is referred to as an ad impression. When they take efforts and click over the ad to get into the page is said to be the ad click. In PPC, the businessmen have to pay only when the user is clicking on the ad and this is known as the beauty of the PPC ads.

Various factors will determine the cost of the PPC ads like,

  • The cost your competitors are paying
  • How relevant the ad is for the business
  • Effectiveness of how the ad is written
  • The efficiency of the landing page and the performance of the ad in the digital medium

The PPC ads appear on the search engine result pages only when the audience is searching for the product or service with the related keywords. It also ensures that the ad will be displayed on countless websites, blogs and landing pages where the participation of the Google AdSense or any other ad publishing programs.

PPC ads will allow you to choose the audience to visit your ads. You can filter the targeted users based on the geographic locations, affinity, keywords, demographics and topics. When it comes to the cost-effective way of advertising and way of targeting, PPC ads become the most suitable one as it takes more comfort over the level of personalization.

PPC ads are one of the most effective method types of marketing, and it is possible to easily outperform several other marketing techniques like content marketing, or SEO. It is measurable, and you have to pay only for the number of clicks that the customers makeover the link.  You can have access to campaign statistics that will allow you to know the performance metrics.

The average CTR of the 3.17 in the Google AdWords, and it is around 0.90% when it comes for the Facebook ads. This is because people do not look for the products when they are using Facebook, and they do not value the ads. When it comes to Google platform, they are looking for the product or service only as they have needed over it.

Every businessman will aim for high ROI when it comes to marketing.  So, this is the priority when it comes to measuring the results. You also have to focus on clicks and conversions. The conversion is how the people are clicking the click, staying in the page and taking an effort to move to further with buying intention.

No! The PPC professionals will monitor the account every day as the PPC pricing fluctuates like the stock market. If you are leaving the PPC campaign without caring about it, it may affect the return on investment. To have the best result, you have to find the facts about PPC and its working to have better results.