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How Does Google AdWords Work?

Basically, Google Ads take two basic forms, both of which, though functionally different are fundamentally similar. Regardless of which form of Google Ads is used, however, the goal is to get potential clients to click the link and get redirected to your website.


This is the type of Google Ads you find while making searches on Google. Ads like this are usually found on the top of Google’s Search Engine Report Page (SERP) and are identifiable by the little “Ad” label appearing before the URL of the website.

With this option, an advert is created for your brand or website and is associated with some keywords. When any of these keywords are used in a search on Google, your ads come up.

This type of Google ad is very effective for increasing traffic on your website. Those who see these ads are actively searching for related content, making it a lot more likely for them to click the ads and hence, follow the link to your website.


These ads work differently. While the paid search only comes up on Google’s search engine and needs to be associated with keywords to function properly, display ads do not work this way.

Display ads are the type of ads you tend to see on websites. They could be banner ads or even video ads which are placed on websites that are expected to have your target market as visitors.

Seeing as this type of ads does not necessarily appear when clients are actively searching for related content, you might not get as many clicks as you would on paid search ads.

Yet this is not to say they are less effective as they also have their uses. They are perfect for keeping your brand in the eyes of your target clientele.

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Advantages of Using Google Adwords

Google ads are a much faster way to improve your ranking on Google when compared to other options if used correctly. Unlike SEO where progress is gradual, using Google ads would get you to the top of a Search Engine Report Page much faster, hence ensuring that your brand grows even bigger, faster.

Not only can Google ads be placed on the Google search engine, but they can also be placed on other websites as display ads. This helps to further promote your brand by creating even more awareness about it.

With Google ads display option, you can even reach potential clients where others can’t: on their Gmail. With over 1 billion active monthly users, your brand gets to reach potential clients through another 1 billion possible outlets further increasing patronage.


Being a means of advertisement, Google Ads is not a free service. There are two major ways the platform charges you:

Here, you are charged by the number of times people click the ad. The charge for each click is referred to as cost-per-click (CPC).

Here, you are charged for each 1,000 time your ad appears. Here your charges are measured in cost-per-impression (CPM) which is also referred to as cost-per-mile.

Each pricing option has its strengths and weaknesses and one might be better suited than the other for specific ad strategies. This is why marketing experts are needed to help you to optimize this opportunity.

Google Ads, as well as other such marketing techniques and strategies, are more complicated than they might sound on paper. It is a good means of promoting your brand and making maximum profits, but this is only when used right. When used wrongly, it could cost you a huge sum of money with little to no effect.

There is also the fact that, like all marketing strategies, your Google Ads campaign has to be modified regularly in order to adapt to a number of factors. You wouldn’t be the only one in your industry trying to use this brilliant strategy to get ahead, hence, you need to take full advantage of this platform in other to be ahead of these other competitors.

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