8 Reasons Why You Should Hire Professional Web Developers in Sydney

8 Reasons Why You Should Hire Professional Web Developers in Sydney

Web development has been the rising sun for many start-ups and successful businesses all over the globe. Lots of businesses can testify to a positive change in their sales after launching their first official site. Not only that, having a professional online presence spells credibility, all while creating a striking first impression on potential customers and increasing your brand consistency.

With that said, if you’re starting up a company or you’re looking to boost sales, try getting in touch with a reputable web development specialist in Sydney. They’d provide you with a standard website and track your progress over the months 一 giving you advice on steps to take to boost your website traffic and convert potential first-timers into staying customers.

To find out other services/reasons why you shouldn’t just put your entire website in the hands of ‘anybody’, do ensure that you go through this blog post to the end.

Before diving into specifics, here’s a list of important people that MUST be on a web development team.

  • Front-end developers.
  • Back-end developers.
  • UI/UX (User Interface/User Experience) designers.
  • Project managers.
  • QA engineers (they test the quality of your website).
  • SEO specialists (they track your website’s progress using google analytics and other allied software).
  • Project architect.

Before choosing your ideal web development specialist, make enquiries about the size and expertise of their team. If their team doesn’t house about 75% of those listed above, think twice about hiring them. Building a fully functional company website isn’t a one-day job and it certainly isn’t a one-man job.

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s bring you up to speed on the top 8 reasons why you should hire a fully stacked professional web development team.

  • Their experience would come in handy.
    Although it’s costly to hire experienced web developers for your website, they’re definitely worth the money. The thing is, there are some aspects of web development an average web development team can’t handle | and the issue with real-life establishments is their tendency to develop problems at any time.
    This is where experience comes in. If your ideal developer doesn’t have the necessary knowledge and experience dealing with such problems, then your website’s as good as done.
    Take a one-time risk and get your business the stepping stone it needs to survive in this vast world of change.
  • You’d need fewer resources.
    Already established web development teams know all they need to do to make sure your website maintains a good SEO ranking, proper traffic influx and steady increase in monthly revenue.
    For average developers, however, achieving this feat would take both their efforts and yours. They’re also more likely to employ a third-party developer to help with some of the website development. If you’re good with that, then no biggies!
    Get in touch with local SEO services in Sydney to help you out with better web development teams.
  • Their websites are much more versatile (they’re good on all platforms)
    Meaning that the websites they build are more flexible and dynamic regardless of the platforms in which they’re being accessed. The structure, content and design would look just the same on an apple iPhone, an android and other accessible operating systems like the mac and windows. The webpages would also respond accordingly to the devices’ screen size and resolution 一 meaning the website would adjust when accessed from a tab, a computer or a mobile phone.
  • The websites they create are compatible and user-friendly.
    The world of web development has progressed way beyond the usual HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP as the major languages. Nowadays, other features such as AMP, Nginx, Memcached, and Redis are now used alongside the other major languages by full-stack developers for building more responsive and user-friendly websites.
  • They’re credible
    It’s no news that professional web developers are best at what they do. This stems from the fact that they’re the most dynamic set of workers in the labour industry. They adapt faster to new technologies and when they do, it reflects in their work.
    Having a credible professional build and design your website makes it easier for you to get all you expect to get from them (if not more).
  • They understand the specifics of your business.
    Chances are, your ideal professional has helped someone build a website similar to yours in the past. This is yet another instance where experience and professionalism come into play.
    Average developers would have to take their time to learn the ropes about the specifics of your business. For a full-stack developer, their experience helps them understand your business much faster.
  • They turn your first-time visitors into your customers for life.
    A study conducted on tracking and maintaining traffic revealed that it takes about 51 milliseconds for a first-timer at a business to form an opinion about the said site. 38% of them leave if your website is dull, 85% of them browse through the website before deciding to make a purchase and a whopping 94% of the customers’ first impressions are related to how enticing the design is.
    Get your business a team that would already be aware of this study and let them wow you with their plans to keep more than 80% of first-timers in awe of the credibility and pizzazz of the website.
  • They’re ALWAYS up to date on the latest info.
    Web design trends are trends subject to change at any point in time. For example, a website with a lot of images used to be appreciated (since a lot of images used to make a site more beautiful and realistic). However, professional websites of today focus mainly on uniqueness through friendly and colourfully animated pages and animations and the likes. A web development specialist in Sydney understands this.
    That wraps it all up! Eight good reasons why the pros are worth the money they charge. Make that good decision today and get your website in good hands. Contact us to help you with web development in Sydney.

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